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From Mentorship To Friendship, Mircelis, Fellow & Laura, Mentor Coach

From a very young age, Mircelis knew she wanted to be in the business field, but as a first-generation college student, she lacked the connections necessary to break into such a competitive industry. That changed the moment she joined America Needs You and met her Mentor Coach, Laura.

Laura had been looking for a volunteer opportunity focused on mentorship, something she also lacked in college as a young immigrant to the US. From her very first day at ANY, she knew she had found something special.

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“Every single workshop I left feeling so much better than I did [when I walked in]. Even if I had a hard week at work, I would feel reinvigorated and inspired by the Fellows.” – Laura

Mircelis and Laura had an instant connection. By setting expectations, creating a routine, and holding each other accountable, their relationship has evolved from professional to a deep friendship that is truly mutual.

“Mircelis says I’ve pushed her, but if she didn’t apply to those places, if she didn’t take the time to chat with me and sit down and fix her resume, if she didn’t actually put in the work, those things wouldn’t have happened. So she holds me accountable too, making sure I’m there for her.” – Laura

Being part of a community that prioritizes growth, vulnerability, and self-discovery has had a big impact on Mircelis, and she credits her relationship with Laura as the catalyst for pursuing her dreams with confidence. With internships at VanEck, Lincoln Center, and, starting this summer, Goldman Sachs, the future is bright.

“ANY means being able to sit at tables that I didn’t have access to. I always knew the potential, I knew I was going to get somewhere big, but I just didn’t have the resources or the network to do so. America Needs You has not only helped better my professional development, it has helped better me as a person.

I truly believe this program has changed my life. That’s the cliché, but I would not be here if it wasn’t for America Needs You.” – Mircelis

For Laura, America Needs You is a way to give back and build a more equitable future for everyone.

“I’m a huge believer that we rise by lifting others. Every time I do a workshop and I give advice to a Fellow, I also gain so much from it, and I learn about myself. The goal of the Mentor Coaches is to make sure there’s room for everyone at the table.

The staff is so empowering and gives us the resources and tools to feel we are a value add, regardless of what our industry is or what our career path is. I’ve loved it so much that now I’m on the [Associate] Board as well. ANY is something I highly recommend because of how rewarding and structured it is. It’s not only you helping your Fellow, you’re also gaining a huge network of future leaders and young professionals.” – Laura

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