Overview and Benefits

FirstGenU is ANY’s e-learning curriculum developed specifically for first-generation college students provided in partnership with the Morgan Stanley Institute for Inclusion. Derived from our award-winning Fellows Program and mapped against NACE competencies, FirstGenU delivers high production, self-paced learning modules to help students prepare for and navigate their careers.


  • Self-paced. Learn on your schedule!
  • Accessible. No matter where you are located, as long as you have internet, you can access FirstGenU. 
  • Professional development and personal growth. FirstGenU is based on ANY’s best-in-class curriculum that sees students consistently complete internships, graduate from college, and secure full time employment at significantly higher rates than their peers. 

How to Sign Up

We are currently accepting students as part of our pilot program!

Eligibility Requirements

  • Currently enrolled in college
  • Neither parent/guardian has a bachelor’s degree (from any country)

Want More Info?

If you’re interested in a campus partnership or have questions about FirstGenU, please reach out to firstgenu@americaneedsyou.org