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Core Values


We believe in performing at the highest level of quality and professionalism in all aspects of the organization. We set ambitious goals and seek to exceed them.


We respect, value, and celebrate our students, volunteers, staff and partners and we assume positive intentions. Our diverse community provides resources, opportunities and knowledge to advance our mission.


We fight for what we believe in and do what is right, fair and equitable, no matter what. We do so honestly and ethically, as our mission requires.


We ask questions and are hungry to learn. We have a feedback rich environment that provides the basis for continuous improvement. We frequently evaluate how to perform more efficiently and effectively, as individual team members and as an organization.


We do what we say. We are committed to reliability, responsiveness and ownership of work-product in furtherance of our mission.

Data & Results

We are a data-driven and results-oriented organization. We consistently use data to improve our programs, team and strategy. We define clear outcomes, metrics and results, which we track regularly.

Diversity and Belonging at ANY​

We believe that honoring the diversity of ideas, experiences and identities present in our community is critical to achieving our mission, especially given the impact of historical inequity on college and career systems.

We are committed to serving our Fellows by fostering a profoundly inclusive community of students, staff, volunteers, and other stakeholders. An inclusive community is one where we all feel that we belong, where our varied identities are present, visible, affirmed, and supported, and where their points of intersection form the basis for dialogue and learning.

Specific steps we are engaged in to build inclusive communities at ANY include:


Actively recruiting a diverse community of Fellows, volunteers, staff and board members


Providing staff and key stakeholders with training on the ways that identity and intersectionality shape our lived experience (informed by our Fellows’ unique perspectives)


Building mutually supportive relationships with academic, professional and philanthropic organizations that share our vision and values


Encouraging all community members to bring their authentic selves to their work with ANY, and to commit to growing and learning together

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