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The Fellows Program is a two-year program that empowers low-income, first-generation college students with the tools they need to graduate college, succeed in their careers, and compete at the highest level by providing one-on-one mentorship, intensive career development, robust networks, and holistic support.

The program consists of monthly workshops focused on the essential, non-academic skills needed to attain professional internships and jobs. Learn more about our workshop curriculum here. 


  • In Year One, the program focuses on a foundation of professional skills, experiences, and networks, with a focus on identifying and securing an internship.
  • In Year Two, Fellows take their experience to the next level and develop a long-term career plan.
  • In addition to 24 Saturday Career Development workshops, Fellows also receive:
    • One-on-one mentorship and guidance
    • Internship and Transfer Support
    • Up to $1,000 in grant funding each year


Application opens September 1

Priority Consideration deadline December 1

Final Deadline April 1

You must meet all eligibility requirements to apply

  1. Orientation and Resume Building
  2. Beginning Your Career Path: Career Interests, Story of Self & Elevator Pitches
  3. Developing Your Personal Brand & Online Presence
  4. MATCH Day, Goal Setting, & Career Deep Dives
  5. Teamwork, Informational Interviews, & Project Management
  6. Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: Imposter Syndrome, Growth Mindset & Resilience
  7. Intro to Interviewing
  8. Organization In & Out of the Workplace: Financial Planning, Time Management II, & Study Skills
  9. Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
  10. Communication Skills: Writing, Listening, & Speaking in the Workplace
  11. Capstone Presentations
  12. Entering the Workforce: Unwritten Rules of the Workplace, & Managing Up
  1. Year 2 Orientation
  2. Finding your Strengths & Personal Branding
  3. Skills for the Modern Workforce: Interviewing, Data & Systems Analysis, & Giving & Receiving Feedback
  4. Interviewing II
  5. Public Speaking as Leadership
  6. Building Leadership Skills: Project Management
  7. Building a Personal Board of Directors
  8. Organizational Culture & Emotional Intelligence
  9. Beyond the Role: Executive Presence, Interdependence, & Workplace Champions
  10. Life After College
  11. Year 2 Capstone: Student Led Presentations
  12. Graduation


Reach out to info@americaneedsyou.org 



Our Fellows Program
Is Accepting Applications

for 2024