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Alumni Spotlight: Mederick

Growing up in Benin, Mederick always knew he wanted to come to the United States. He worked hard building a career and taking some IT classes in neighboring Ghana before he got the chance to come to the US. Now in his 30’s, he moved to Chicago and worked a variety of jobs while attending Truman College.

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I was a part-time student with a full-time job, but I still made time to utilize as many resources as possible to help me achieve my goals. It was hard, I didn’t have a lot of free time and English wasn’t my native language.

It was while going to school at Truman College that Mederick got his first internship at JP Morgan Chase, and where he learned about and applied to the Fellows Program at ANY.

ANY was really what I needed. It gave me the tools to help move me forward – and guidance as well, with my Mentor Coach, Dorothy. ANY and Dorothy helped me have focus and accountability. The program helped build my confidence and inspired me to work hard. I was exposed to other success stories and was able to network with many professionals.

Since graduating from the Fellows program Mederick continues to work for JP Morgan Chase where he recently applied for and was hired for a different more senior position. He credits Dorothy, whom he still keeps in touch with, with helping him ace the interview.

Dorothy is always a cheerleader and helps me be more confident. She helped me prep for the interviews and kept me focused. She always gives a lot of valuable feedback and tips.

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