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Growing up in Cicero hearing stories about her grandparents’ hardships in Mexico, Cindy had one goal: to become the first member of her family to graduate from college. She overcame a language barrier, prejudice, and bullying at her predominately white high school. When she arrived on the DePaul University campus, she faced fresh challenges made even more complicated by COVID-19.

“I always thought college was the finish line, the reward for all my hard work, but I was beginning to understand it was the start of an entirely new race…and I was completely alone.

Then, the pandemic happened. I was left at home trying to understand how to navigate college with none of my friends around and professors unreachable. I was drowning very quickly with no lifeguard in sight. Then, I found America Needs You.

ANY became the lighthouse that guided me to safety. I learned college was more than academics, it was a time to network, interview, and explore interests. I acquired not only the technical skills needed to secure internships at top firms, I also built my self-esteem and confidence.”

Cindy is double majoring in finance honors and accountancy with a minor in management. She has interned at KPMG, JPMorgan, and PwC and has received an offer to return to PwC full-time after graduation. Cindy credits much of her success in this competitive field to her Mentor Coach, Alison.

“Alison is a fellow Latina in the corporate world and gave me reassurance that I could be true to my heritage and values within my career. She prioritized self-care and self-appreciation. As a first-generation student, my life has always been focused on the future, on reaching the next goal. She has taught me that it’s okay to take a step back and celebrate all I have accomplished. ANY has not only helped me navigate college but also helped me create a legacy for my family where college is no longer a myth.”

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