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Common Ground: Kelvin & Hannah’s Story


As the first in his family to attend college, Kelvin found pursuing higher education to be a challenge. A cancer diagnosis and medical leave of absence left his academic dreams on hold and changed nearly every aspect of his life.

During this tumultuous time, he was not alone. The team of health care professionals he encountered throughout his recovery inspired Kelvin to re-enroll in community college and change his career path to become a nurse in order to give back to patients like himself.

“Their encouragement and compassion strengthened my will to persevere through my daily struggles and ultimately ignited my passion to pursue a career in healthcare.” – Kelvin

He found the same culture of support and excellence at America Needs You. When he met his Mentor Coach, registered nurse Hannah, he knew it was a perfect match.

“Being matched with a Mentor Coach who is currently in the specific career I see myself being in has given me access to professional growth opportunities within the industry and provided me with an insider perspective into what it’s like working [as a nurse].” – Kelvin

Hannah was excited to be matched with a student interested in her field and was impressed by Kelvin’s drive and determination.

“Our relationship is built on hard work and continually giving your all to reach for your goals. He is so motivated, sometimes it’s hard to keep up!” – Hannah

Kelvin regularly leverages the professional development tools and lessons from the ANY curriculum when applying to internships and communicating with professors.

“These skills have enabled me to make strong first impressions and are already helping facilitate my transition from college to the workplace.” – Kelvin

Reflecting on his journey so far, Kelvin keeps coming back to community.

“ANY means I am part of a family with shared commitments to mentorship, inclusion, and equity. It means I can share my story of ‘being first,’ belonging to a community where I can continue to expand my personal growth as a lifelong learner, and a place that ultimately connects my ambitions with opportunities to continue building my professional legacy.” – Kelvin

For Hannah, ANY is about giving back and tackling larger social issues in a tangible way, something she noticed from day one.

“I was immediately blown away by the dedication, the diversity, and the alertness to social and racial injustice.

To me, ANY is a way to give back and take some accountability for all the success I have received with my privilege and give others a one-up where it is needed most.” – Hannah

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