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Meet Our Fellow Alumni — Danielle

We believe in the power of career development and mentorship to transform lives and entire communities.

We talked with several Fellow alumni and heard about just a few of the ways that the ANY Fellows Program has transformed their lives. Our conversations covered their career journeys, personal hardships, plans to give back to their community, goals for the future and more.

This feature is part four of a series, “Meet Our Fellow Alumni,” for the 2019 Alumni Challenge.

Danielle Edinboro
2015 New York Fellow

Danielle Edinboro is currently an Associate at Publicis Media. She was born and raised in Guyana, South America and moved to the United States when she was 15 years old. That same year, she began taking Early College classes. Now, as a first-generation college graduate of Brooklyn College, Danielle serves on ANY’s Alumni Leadership Council.

ANY helped Danielle develop professional skills during her time as a Fellow, and she says ANY’s alumni programming has been equally supportive in her career transitions after college graduation.

Danielle started her career in the nonprofit sector. As she adjusted to her new role, she began evaluating her professional passions. When she decided to make a career switch to the media industry, she contacted ANY for support.

“ANY helped me remain optimistic throughout my job search and aided with my double-transition between positions and from the non-profit/education space to media industries,” said Danielle. “ANY helps me maintain professional presence, and I will continue to take advantage of alumni resources such as workshops, panels and counseling as I tap into hidden talents and strive to achieve the best version of myself.”

Danielle also says that the ANY network has become an asset in her professional and personal life.

“ANY has not only provided me with an excellent professional foundation, but it has also afforded me a robust network of people. These people span across cultures and industries, and I am proud to call them not only peers and mentors, but also friends and family.”

These personal connections are important to Danielle. She keeps in contact with Mentor Coaches, Renee and Brittany, through emails, phone calls, Thai food and hot yoga classes. Danielle joined the Alumni Leadership Council (ALC) this spring in order to foster more connections within ANY and build community. As a member of the ALC Volunteer Committee, she works on volunteer recruitment efforts in addition to planning and executing alumni events such as workshops, career counseling, panels and socials.

In the future, Danielle hopes to become a Mentor Coach and join the Young Leadership Board. She told us that her drive to give back comes from the compassion she sees within the ANY community.

“The genuine care for Fellows and alumni never ceases, and this is a major reason I cannot let go of ANY! In addition, noticing alumni volunteer during my time as a Fellow encouraged me to return and pay it forward.”

In true ANY fashion, Danielle has ambitious goals for her professional path. She is learning new skills in entertainment, business, organizational strategy and development. She eventually plans to return to school for a graduate degree. In the meantime, she is staying busy by building her own portfolio of work.

“I hope to launch my own brand as a social, transparent space for college students and young professionals to better learn how to maneuver college, the world of work and life in general.”

We can’t wait to see the change Danielle continues to make in the world!

Join us in supporting more first-generation college students like Danielle. View the full Alumni Challenge and learn how you can give back here!

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