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2022 Volunteer Highlights

A safe space to practice vital career skills; access to prestigious companies; the realization of what’s possible. Our volunteers provide so much more than time.

Resume Reviews

Fellows received live support in updating  their professional resumes, preparing them to apply for internships.

From Fellows:

  • “I got a lot of great feedback for my resume and how to improve it. “

  • “It was great having a professional go over my resume!”

From Volunteers:

  • The Fellows were a pleasure to work with. They were engaged, responsive, and asked good questions.”

  • “Really appreciate the quick transitions and respect for everyone’s time. Definitely looking forward to participating in more events in the future.”

Informational Interviews

Fellows connected with volunteers from different professional backgrounds to learn about important skills, understand possible paths, and practice their interviewing skills. 

From Fellows:

  • ”Thank you so much for this really amazing opportunity, it was very helpful, informative and fun!”

  • “This was an amazing opportunity to connect with individuals who can potentially help me grow in my professional life.” 

From Volunteers:

  • “This was a fantastic event. The Fellows came very well prepared with questions and participated in thoughtful discussion.”

Networking & Elevator Pitches

Fellows from all ANY sites practiced their elevator pitches while networking with volunteers across the country.

From Fellows:

  • “It was so fun! I got to meet many volunteers and hear their stories, which was amazing.”

  • “Got great feedback from volunteers!”

  • “It was a really great opportunity to meet other students and those in the work industry.”

From Volunteers:

  • Just finished a wonderful Zoom session with Fellows from America Needs You, and I am feeling extremely energized about the next generation as they enter the workforce.

Career Days

Career Days give our Fellows an up-close look at different career paths and connects their workshop learnings to the real world. Volunteers at the host company share their career path and details about necessary education and training for success. Fellows have the opportunity to listen to ask questions, network, and get exposure to different workplace environments. 

Interested in hosting a Career Day at your company? Reach out to volunteers@americaneedsyou.org

"I had a chance to moderate a panel of Harrison Street's first-generation college graduates last week. Thank you all for sharing your stories with me and the other first-gen students from America Needs You. You all are an inspiration!"
- Jessica, Volunteer

Harrison Street
Landor & Fitch Fellows put their ANY workshop skills to the test creating a new brand for Nike’s hypothetical resort. Volunteers were amazed by the quality of questions Fellows asked while networking.

"Had a wonderful time touring the Merck Research Laboratories in Rahway and was in awe with the entire Campus and it’s history. Such an insightful and memorable experience meeting all the professionals and graduate students. Hopefully this won’t be the last time I’m there! Thank you to America Needs You and Merck for making this possible!" - Belmarie, Fellow


"I had a great time at the Blackstone Career Day event to network and learn about more opportunities within the Alternative Investments industry. Thank you, America Needs You for sponsoring this event." - Annie, Fellow

Mastercard This virtual Career Day featured a panel of first-generation graduates employed with Mastercard (Including an ANY Fellows Program alum!) followed by networking breakout rooms.
Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management At this Grad School 101 event, Fellows learned about applying to graduate school and had the opportunity to network with the panelists about STEM/Tech industries.

"Such an impactful opportunity! Always a pleasure working with the America Needs You team to bring Citi’s mission of enabling progress to life!"- Reem, Volunteer


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